Perfect Timing: Using Moon Phases to Boost Your Magic

Sep 24th 2020

Wondering which phase of the moon is best to practice prosperity magic? The simple answer is: all of them. Magic is all about creativity and adding your own timing to your rituals will always increase their power. With that being said, enjoy these suggestions, but allow your intuition and spirit to tell you what is best for your work. *Bonus Tip: Combine Moon Magic with Spiritual Baths for Faster Results*

New Moon - Beginnings and Ideas: 

This is a great time to begin lengthier prosperity work (work that should be worked for a week or longer).

Waxing Moon - Increase Power: 

Use the waxing moon to increase the power of your money rituals.

Full Moon - Maximum Output: 

The full moon’s potency makes it powerful enough to manifest any intention set under it.

Waning Moon - Unblocking and Opening Roads: 

Use the energy of the waning moon to release any potential blockages and open roads to prosperity.

Dark Moon - Rest and Reflection:

The energy of the dark moon is perfectly suited for deep thought and rituals to heal feelings of unworthiness or any other internal causes of financial strain.