What are Ancestor Checks and How do I Use Them?

Sep 26th 2020

As the planet shifts, more and more people are seeking ways to connect with the divine energy and power of their ancestors. Burning Ancestor Money and Ancestor Checks (along with a host of other “Ancestor” items) provides a way to show generosity and appreciation to our loved ones as on the ancestral plane. These tools can also be used to clear ancestral debt and to infuse your bloodline with prosperity. Bank of The Ether has created convenient and vibrant Ancestor Money and Checks featuring Mansa Musa and Queen Nzingha, two of the wealthiest and most powerful rulers that ever lived. Use Ancestor Checks to designate your money for certain purposes or specific Ancestors. We also provide fire safe mini cauldrons for safe burning. Best results achieved with daily use. Read more about the history of Ancestor Money here.